2019 Auction – March 16, 2019

Call 503-0664 to bid……

Click on the Segment number  to see the auction items and current bid.


Computers will refresh the bid amounts on their own.

Phones and tablets will need to be manually refreshed by you to see the current bid.

Remember… we are volunteers using technology that we did not create. We can only offer what is available.

Segment 19:05-9:20Items 101-112
Segment 29:25-9:40Items 201-211
Segment 39:45-10:00Items 301-314
Segment 410:05-10:20Items 401-413
Major Items Review Time10:25-10:35Bid on Major Items 1500 to 1814 All Day
Segment 510:35-10:50Items 501-514
Segment 610:55-11:10Items 601-615
Segment 711:15-11:30Items 701-714
Major Items Review Time11:35-11:45Bid on Major Items 1500 to 1814 All Day
Segment 811:45-NoonItems 801-814
Segment 912:25-12:40Items 901-915
Lunch Break12:00-12:25Segment 8 Recap After Lunch
Segment 1012:45-1:00Items 1001-1014
Segment 111:05-1:20Items 1101-1114
Segment 121:25-1:40Items 1201-1215
Major Items Review Time1:45-2:00Click on Individual Segments 15, 16, 17 and 18 to View Major Items... Bid $10.00 or more & Bid Now!
Segment 132:00-2:15Items 1301-1314
Segment 142:20-2:35Items 1401-1415
Start Major ItemsBID NOTICEPlease BID in Increments of $10.00 or MORE
Segment 152:40-2:55Items 1501-1515
Segment 163:00-3:15Items 1601-1615
Segment 173:20-3:35Items 1701-1714
Segment 183:40-3:55Items 1801-1814
Final Wrap Up4:00-4:08